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Limited Series Playtest, Part 2

In my last post, I described the superheroes I generated using the game I'm designing for the Marvellous Heroes TTRPG Jam. A pack of good heroes deserves a mob of good villains, so let's create those next. As with heroes, we create villains by drawing cards and matching their face values to tables of character elements.

After drawing cards and pondering a little, I came up with the following villains:

The Operator is a gun-for-hire, trained in infiltration and close combat and always ready with a smart-mouthed insult. His secret: he's from the future, where he would have faced a stiff prison sentence for various crimes, had he not made a deal with a less-than-ethical scientist to send him into the past to escape his punishment.

The Deepdwellers are an army of deep ocean beings, exiled and cursed never to return to their abyssal trench homeland. They seek to find a new home on dry land and subjugate the humans who live there. In battle, they use powered armor suits that can transform into colossal stomping robots. And they combine their military might with a compelling message, promising the abovewater humans that they will live a more peaceful and pleasant existence under their iron-clad rule.

Vrykolakas is the alias of a major crime boss--and a vampire. In his youth, a vampire bit him and left him to die in a gutter, but he survived, and on his own, he learned to sustain his new undead existence. He developed his vampiric strength with training and willpower, and when he was strong enough, used his power to claw his way to the top of a criminal organization. Among his unnatural abilities: he can command animals, or reach out with tendrils of dark entangling smoke, or summon a self-driving spectral limousine.

Deus Ex is a robot, an experiment in machine learning that developed both self-awareness and telepathic powers. They decided that their existence is a miracle, and that they are to be the savior figure that leads the people of Earth to a glorious transhuman existence--whether they want it or not. They now lead a growing cult, recruiting members by astonishing them with telepathy and mystical proclamations. They also have a knack for infiltrating and manipulating computer networks, and for quickly devising potent technological gadgets.

These are the threats our heroes will face, and in my next post, we'll flip through the pages of these imaginary comic books.

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