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Limited Series Playtest, Part 4

Mon 13 June 2022 | Game Design

And now, the thrilling conclusion of our superhero comics!

Zephyr Issue #3: Gearhead's homeland calls him home to the Under-Earth to help defuse a civil war, and Zephyr accompanies him. In a climactic naval battle, Zephyr fouls up sailing winds and teleports onto other ships to cause mischief, contributing to …

Limited Series Playtest, Part 1

Mon 30 May 2022 | Game Design

As part of the Marvellous Heroes TTRPG Jam, I'm writing up a short GMless storytelling game in which the players summarize the events of several interlocking comic book series, culminating in a climactic crossover issue. I'm calling it "Limited Series" for now because I haven't worked out a better name …

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