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My Fallout Campaign Post-Mortem, Part 0

I'm approaching the end of a Fallout roleplaying campaign I've been GMing, and while it's been fun, I can see that I made some poor choices when preparing for this game. I'm writing down my observations as a learning experience for myself, and in case this process helps anyone else plan their own gaming campaign.

When I first had the idea to run a game based in the Fallout universe, I knew I wanted to include the following:

  • A map of post-apocalyptic territory to explore
  • A community to provide assistance to and do missions for
  • Monsters to fight
  • Ruins to explore
  • Factions to tangle with
  • Gear and ammunition to manage

After some research and thought, I made the following preparation before starting:

  • I chose the Mythras RPG and modified the skill list and character creation process.
  • I statted up a few enemies.
  • I prepared a list of equipment characters could buy, based on data from a Fallout wiki.
  • I drew a map of post-apocalyptic Northern Michigan and a map of the game's home settlement in Mackinaw City.
  • I jotted down a few notes about the major settlements and factions in the area.
  • I set up a game table in Role.

But as the game has progressed, I've grown certain that much of my initial prep was either incorrect or insufficient for the game I wanted to play. Over the next few posts, I'm going to go topic-by-topic to explore what I wish I'd done differently.

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