Cortexatron: Multiplayer Web Browser Dice Rolling

Screen shot of the Cortexatron dice roller.

Use Cortexatron to assemble and roll dice pools for Cortex Prime games, and share the results with your gaming group in real time.

  • Allows your group to join a common dice rolling room just by sharing a link--no login or account required.
  • Supports common dice operations: step up, step down, choose total and effect dice.
  • Collects notes for game information such as NPC names, complications, or doom pool sizes.

Click this link to start your own Cortexatron session.

Cortexatron is open source. Find the GitHub repository here.

CortexPal: Discord Bot for Cortex Prime

Screen shot of the CortexPal Discord bot.

Use CortexPal to roll dice pools and track common game information in Discord.

  • Rolls dice pools from text commands. Shows results grouped by die size, with hitches highlighted.
  • Tracks common game information such as plot points, XP, complications, assets, doom pools, and crisis pools.
  • On demand, CortexPal can pin a message to a channel showing all of your game information, and will keep that pinned message up to date as information changes.
  • Keeps game information separated by channel, so you can run games in multiple channels without interference.

Click this link to invite CortexPal to your Discord server. After the bot joins your server, type "$help" to get a list of the commands the bot understands, and type "$help" plus the name of a command to get information about that command.

Click here for more information about CortexPal.

CortexPal is open source. Find the GitHub repository here.

If you've found Cortexatron or CortexPal useful and you'd like to buy me a cup of tea, you can reach me via PayPal.