The Many Faces of Here

This is our closest library:

Pellston Library

The Pellston Library is actually only about the south third of that building. The rest is the community center. However, it's part of the Michigan interlibrary loan system, and it's connected to Hoopla for digital loans, so our borrowing options aren't limited.

Yes, I know we have so many books that we had to give half of them away and there's still not room to shelve them all, and I have far too many ways to buy either physical or digital books, but libraries are important to me. Libraries have always been a place of peace and learning for me. I may have teared up a little when I borrowed my first book from the Pellston Library and saw this:

A hand-stamped due date inside a library book

I've forgotten when I stopped seeing actual hand-stamped dates inside library books. The Ann Arbor libraries are all computered up, with barcodes and touch screens and so on. Seeing a hand-stamped date sent me right back to grade school.

If I ever really start missing Suburbia, all I have to do is go down to Petoskey. Here's a photo I took of downtown Petoskey yesterday, which has that familiar "look at all these little trendy shops" Ann Arbor vibe.

Street view of downtown Petoskey.

Or if I pick the right day, I might find a band of liberal protestors:

People protesting American concentration camps for refugees and immigrants.

But walk a block away to look out over Little Traverse Bay at sunset, and it's clear that we're not in Ann Arbor any more.

Sunset view of Little Traverse Bay.

It's clear that the real winner in this move to Up North is our dog Tessa, who couldn't be more pleased. To end this post, here's a picture of Tessa, on her way out to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters:

Dog standing on a trail, with two suns in the sky.

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