I've been toying with an idea for a PBTA-ish superhero RPG, and though it's far from finished, I've posted what I have so far to itch.io, and you can click here to see it.

Soar RPG cover image

I like playing with cards, and I like the idea of an RPG I can carry around in the form of a tarot-sized deck, with maybe some index cards, pencils, dice, and tokens alongside. I want this game to be something you can start up quickly and improvise without much prep.

I haven't played this game at all, so I have no idea how it works at the table. As PBTA games go, it's pretty light. It's not much more than a deck full of superhero story prompts with a light veneer of dice rolling on top. Also, my roleplaying is likely to be mostly online for the foreseeable future, and a deck-based game isn't great for that format, but I have vague and optimistic dreams of a web app to simulate a deck of Soar cards.

More updates to come as I revise and test.

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