Settling In Up North

Mary Lynn and I have finally moved the last of our stuff to our new temporary home in Northern Michigan. Our plan is to start building a new house this fall, and until then we're renting a little house on the property belonging to Mary Lynn's sister Pam. The rental house is about half the size of our house in Ann Arbor was, so this is an adventure in more compact living. We're adapting, but we still have a bunch more boxes to unpack or find storage for.

Mary Lynn and Pam are putting together an aquaponics system in Pam's greenhouse. It's in its early stages still, but right now it looks like this: Picture of plastic tubs in a wooden rack The idea is that there will be tubs that hold fish, and the fish will, ah, enrich the water they live in. The system pumps that water into grow beds to feed the plants. Water runs out of the grow beds, and the system recycles that water back into the fish tubs. And so on.

We had a rig like this back a little hand-built greenhouse in Ann Arbor, but a storm wrecked the greenhouse and we never rebuilt. The greenhouse here is sturdier and should provide more room for the rig. I'm hoping to provide more pictures when it's further along.

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