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Inexpert Tarot Reading: March 5

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I have a busy day planned, and so do you, so let's get to it.

Today's cards are the Seven of Wands and the Six of Cups.

Tarot cards depicting a man fighting off attacks from many staves, and a child selling a flower to another child.

I finally drew a Cups card! I promise, we've covered all the suits now. There's no Nine of Ducks, or Two of Cigarette Lighters, or anything like that.

Today we're seeing a warning about how it's easy to remember the past as rosier than it was.

In the Olde Days, farming was hard, and the cards clearly depict that. First of all, you weren't planting well-bred, domesticated strains of wheat and potatoes and so on. You were planting wild, untamed stuff, like our farmer on the left, whose carrot crop has grown out of control and is trying to kill him. It's a savage fight; he's ripped one colossal carroty combatant out of the soil and is using it as a weapon against the others.

And since Mom is off fighting the Thirty Years War or something, that leaves their eight-year old with the duty of selling the family wares in town. They don't even have a permit to sell in the marketplace, so the poor kid has to hawk flowers in a dirty back alley, literally behind the back of the city guard. You might wonder how this poor farm family can afford to dispense their flowers in solid gold cups, but clearly the gold cups are just a metaphor for, um, substandard health care or something. No, that doesn't make any sense, but look, I have to go shop for sofas today, so let's just move along, all right?

So, yeah, the harsh realities of farming back in the day. But a few generations later and you'll have people remembering those difficult times as if they were a golden age. "Back then we didn't have any of those GMO things. You worked with the unspoiled bounty of nature like God intended. And sure, maybe the crops sometimes did come to life and go on a muderous rampage, but if they did, you defended yourself with your own two honest hands! And your kids weren't watching YouTube or playing Fortnite. They were off learning the ways of the world and earning their keep. And in those days you could trust your kids to handle a wagon full of solid gold cups!"

I think that if someone is trying to sell you nostalgia, maybe take a good hard look at it first. Because maybe the cup they're serving it in is just a metaphor.

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