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Inexpert Tarot Reading: March 27

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I had set aside the first card I drew yesterday. But I took a picture of it, and I saved that picture for today.

A blank tarot card.

That's a dramatic first draw, isn't it? Imagine telling your fortune-telling client "I will now read your future!" and then turning up this card.

It's not a defect. I've counted the cards and, despite those of you who are sure I'm not playing with a full deck, I do actually have all 78 cards. It's just an extra blank card that I never knew was there. I guess if you lose or damage a card, you're supposed to sketch your own replacement? Though I think a stick-figure Death drawn in Sharpie won't have the same impact.

It's certainly a timely card, though, since I think I'm putting this series on hold, at least for now. After yesterday's post, I realized that I miss writing fiction. I'd like to take the time I'm using on faux tarot readings to work on another novel or a story or something like that.

I do need to keep my blog going, but maybe not an everyday basis. It's good to know that I can sustain a five-day-a-week blogging habit, and it's true that I've been sorely neglecting my blog.

This whole tarot thing has mostly been therapy for me; an antidote to rampant social media nonsense. I'm thrilled that some of you enjoyed it, and who knows? Maybe it'll come back from time to time. Goodness knows I'll still need something to distract me from whatever's scrolling past on Facebook or Twitter or whatever.

So if you've read this far, thanks!

And I think today's message is: your future is a blank card. What are you going to draw on it?

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