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Inexpert Tarot Reading: March 25

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I cheated. The first two cards I drew today were both cards that we've seen recently, so I drew again. I'm sure that's violating some fundamental rule of tarot divination, but if you wanted proper tarot, you wouldn't be here, would you?

Which means that today's redrawn cards are the Hanged Man and the Knight of Cups.

Tarot card depicting a man hanging upside-down from a pole, and a mounted knight carrying a gold cup.

This is one of those readings that would be different if the cards were in the other order. Put the Knight to the left of the Hanged Man, and it's a soldier who's about to deliver a beverage to a figure suspended from a pole. Very Biblical.

But with the Knight to the right, it's a live-streaming stunt gone wrong. The Hanged Man has decided to boost his Twitch viewership by streaming while suspended upside down. But it's important to stay hydrated, and since the Hanged Man can't get to his kitchen, he's relying on his friend the Knight of Cups to bring him some water from time to time. Seems like a reasonable choice. It's the Knight of Cups, after all. Carrying drinks is practically right in the job title.

But the Knight has, somehow, made a wrong turn, and is off in...Arizona, maybe? "I'm beginning to suspect that Google Maps has steered me wrong," the Knight of Cups muses, staring out at the rugged Western-movie countryside. "I'm almost sure this isn't Chicago."

One can only hope that the Hanged Man's other friend, the Knight of Untying People From Poles, is better at navigating.

I think the message is this: some schemes for boosting your popularity will cause more harm than good, especially if you haven't thought them through.

So never hesitate to stop for a glass of water, or to ask for directions.

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