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Inexpert Tarot Reading: March 23

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Sorry that the reading is a little late today. The daily responsibilities of a tarot reader are no joke, believe me. So much to juggle.

And speaking of juggling, today's cards are the Two of Pentacles and the Hierophant.

Tarot cards depicting a juggler and a stormy sea, and a priest delivering a sermon.

So, to me, it looks like the Hierophant, in an attempt to balance the Church's budget, has decided to dismount the planet's north and south magnetic poles and hand them over to an unpaid intern. No, that makes no scientific sense, and it makes even less economic sense. Probably someone tried to explain fiscal policy to the Hierophant with a magnetism metaphor, and the Hierophant forgot everything except the part about the magnets.

The intern, to give them credit, is doing their best, but without proper training (because training would cost money) the intern's off-balance juggling is causing the planet's tides to go willy-nilly. Thus the ships in the background, surfing tsunamis.

(Yes, I know tides are because of gravity and the Moon, and not because of the planet's magnetic poles. Just roll with it.)

And the Hierophant is giving a press conference to explain the wild tides. The Hierophant is probably saying that the high tides will be great for business, and that the Church will come out of this even richer than before, and only a heretic would challenge the Hierophant's divine word, right? No heretics around here, are there? It would be a shame if the Inquisitors had to get involved.

I guess, to me, the message is that positive thinking is not always sufficient. If you want to present confidence at a job interview, a positive mind-set might be all you need. But if the plane you're flying runs out of fuel, it's not terribly helpful to say "Honestly I'm going to be just fine until the moment the plane smashes into the ground, so I'll put off worrying about it until then."

Have a can-do attitude and a full tank of gas, friends.

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