I took the weekend off to let my cartomancy muscles recharge. I'll probably stick to a Monday-Friday schedule for a while. To maximize my exposure, I expect I should be getting up at the crack of dawn to make these crucial predictions available to people at the start of the day, but honestly, that sounds like a drag. If you have to make a life-changing decision before I can get my blog updated, just flip a coin or something.

Today's cards--yes, cards--are the Knight of Wands and Knight of Swords.

Two tarot cards, each depicting knights on horseback.

Just last week I was saying that I was going to get stuck with a repeat card soon, and sure enough, our friend the Knight of Wands came back this morning. (See? Math works!) So I decided to unveil the upgrade I've been planning: two-card readings.

A professional card reader, to make you feel like you're getting your money's worth, will haul out a complicated spread of cards like the Celtic Cross (does that sound like a pastry to anyone else?). You're all busy people and you don't have time to read through a ten-card analysis, am I right? Two cards should minimize repeats without turning these sketchy little posts into ten-thousand-word dissertations.

To show you how this works, let's look at our two cards. We've seen the Knight of Wands and their fantastic helmet plume before, but this time they have a friend along. It's a full-on cavalry charge now. Sauron's army had better watch out.

But it's the juxtaposition of attitudes that catches my eye. The Knight of Swords is like "A storm is coming. A storm of fury and vengeance that will leave nothing standing. And I am that storm." And the Knight of Wands is like "I say! I do believe we're in for a spot of trouble here!"

And the critical difference between them is which one is in front, and can actually see what they're headed towards.

The Knight of Swords has the more compelling image. They're the maverick, the hard-hitting no-nonsense hero who came here to get a job done. But they're in the back and they don't have a clear view of the opposition. You might not like the caution and ambivalence the Knight of Wands is showing, but the whole reason they look like that is because Sauron's entire army is up ahead and we only brought two knights.

So today's message is: facts matter. Experience matters. And you ignore witnesses at your peril.

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