Does anyone else feel lazy this morning? I skipped exercise and Mary Lynn walked the dogs. Don't worry, though. I know that these readings are a critical public service, and I'm on the job.

Today's card is the Nine of Pentacles, drawn upright.

The Nine of Pentacles tarot card, depicting a robed figure carrying a hooded bird on their wrist.

The hero of today's card is not having a lazy morning. They're engaged in a time-honored pastime of the idle rich: falconing. Or, to be specific, training a new falcon.

They're starting small. Today's target is that snail on the groud. Look closer. Yes, that one. And the card depicts historically-accurate safety precautions: a crash helmet for the bird. Another helmet for the trainer. A containment barrier constructed of wine grapes and gold plates. Nothing left to chance. The stage is set.

And, after all that, our trainer has lost interest. You couldn't draw a facial expression that more clearly said "I have no idea why I'm doing this."

Did Elon have a moment like this when he was launching a car into space? If you combed through video footage, could you find the point where he asked himself whether throwing an automobile at Mars was as much of a thrill as he'd hoped?

I don't think today's card has a universal message. So few of us get the freedom to choose our destination in life. But if you do, I think the moment of doubt on this card isn't something to avoid. It's something to aspire to you. I think you should be the kind of person who will stop and ask whether commissioning a bespoke helmet for your pet bird is the best use of your time and money.

And speaking of using one's time wisely: given that there are only seventy-eight cards in this deck, I'm going to run into a problem before too long. Riffing on the Wheel of Fortune once was fun, but what happens when I draw it again? Or a third time? Don't worry, though. I'll put some serious thought into it, and when I say serious, I mean very little, because this is, after all, Inexpert Tarot Reading.

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