Good morning, everyone! Are your dogs wondering why you're standing in the living room taking photos of playing cards? Mine are.

Today's card is the Five of Wands, drawn upright.

The Five of Wands tarot card, depicting five figures struggling over five long wooden staves.

At first glance you might think this is a brawl, and you'd be partly right. But it's obviously a Black Friday sale. These shoppers have burst into Walmart in a mad horde, summoned by a doorbuster sale on ten-foot-long branches.

Put your ear up to the card (okay, to the screen, at least) and you can hear it.

"I got the last one!" "Meh. I'm just going to list mine on eBay for ten times the price as soon as I get out of here." "Are these rechargable? Where's the USB connector?" "I need the eleven-foot model. Is yours eleven feet?" "There's no eleven-foot model. It says ten feet long right on the sign. Let go of my branch!"

It's a caution against consumerism, is what it is, and if you'll excuse me, I have to go pledge a couple of Kickstarters for some shiny new games I'll never have time to play.

You want a deeper reading? But I'm going to miss that early-bird pledge tier...okay, fine.

Look at the figure on the left. Out of this whole crew, they're the only one who's happy. Everyone else is showing doubt or envy or frustration. They're jaded retail warriors. They're so deep in the trenches they can't see the sky. But our shopper on the left doesn't care that next year's ten-foot branch will make this one obsolete. They aren't already stressing about how they're going to wrap this thing. They aren't suddenly realizing that they're bone-tired from getting up at zero dark thirty to stand at the front doors of a Walmart.

They found the last slightly sprouting branch, and in this moment of discovery and success, they're happy.

So, yeah, life is fraught with tough decisions, and it's valid to wonder if you're doing the right thing, the ethical thing, the prudent thing, to be concerned about the course you've set, the voyage you're on.

But sometimes you can let yourself enjoy those moments of success. Savor that hit of joy when you say "I did the thing!"

Cherish that ten-foot branch.

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