I keep drawing major arcana, so you're getting premium service here.

Today's card is The World, drawn reversed.

The World tarot card, depicting a woman with two wands, within a wreath, surrounded by dreamlike figures.

Whew. There's a lot going on here. And I haven't had my tea yet. Let's try it anyway.

My first thought was that this was a woman who had overcommitted her time. She has to multitask two batons, four dreamlike figures, and one big purple scarf all by herself. But as I was starting up Firefox and double-checking the markup syntax for my blog, I realized that her problem isn't so much what she has to do, it's what she has to consider.

She's already in the middle of a complicated majorette routine. Someone said, "Hey, can you twirl two batons and jump through an eight-foot-high wreath while wearing nothing but a really long purple scarf?" And she said, "Oh, sure. I thought you were going to ask me something difficult." And in the middle of it all, she's nailing the routine, 10 out of 10, but at the same time she's wondering if maybe her apartment is feeling a little lonely. I mean, maybe she could get a boyfriend, but yeesh, that's a minefield these days. Maybe just a bird. Birds are nice. Or a cat. But not just a cat. A cat with horns? No, that's dumb. A lion! Her Instagram follower count would go through the roof if she had a lion.

If I'd drawn this upright, I'd say she had it all under control. She's at a pivotal moment, at the top of her acrobatic game, planning to start a new chapter in her life with a new companion, but she's equal to the task.

Reversed, it's the beginning of a rom-com. Imagine this as a freeze-frame in a movie trailer, and you can practically hear the record scratch, right? "Yup, that's me. Four-time Olympic scarf-and-baton champion, about to make the worst decision of my life."

So I guess the message is this: if you have to make a real life-changing choice, like deciding whether to start dating again or to just buy a cat with horns, give that decision the attention it deserves. Maybe block out some time when you're not jumping through a wreath.

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