I took the dogs out one morning last week and discovered that autumn had arrived overnight:

Our dog Tessa, gazing out at a field full of reds and browns.

We were hoping that fall would bring construction of our new house, but it looks like we were over-optimistic. Our latest conversation with our builder suggests that we'll break ground early next year instead. However, we're making progress on floor plans, so at least we're accomplishing something.

My little pinball game is starting to look like a proper product. Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting anywhere, but when I compare my initial prototype to my latest build, I can see the progress.

Early pinball game prototype.More polished pinball game.

I want to clean up the graphics some more, and then clean up the code. Though I intend to offer the final game for a couple of bucks, I'd also like to make the source code available for other game developers, and I'd like the code to be more legible before that happens.

My role-playing projects are stalled at the moment. My playtesting for Soar demonstrated that I have a decent character/setting creation system, but the action resolution system isn't right yet. I either need to redesign action resolution, or I need to just apply the character/setting creation stuff to an existing RPG, like Fate or Cypher.

Also, it's getting to be about time for me to stop procrastinating and write up the adventure I'm going to run at U-Con. I'm going to run a supernatural investigation scenario using the Pip System, which is one of the many games on my "gosh I'd like to find time to play this some day" list. It's a simple little setting-neutral system, which is great for my purposes, since I want players to focus on the mystery, not on the details of the rules. I'm also looking forward to seeing some friends and family while we're back in southern Michigan for the weekend.

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